SurfProtect | Internet Content Filtering

Flexible cloud based content filtering solution.

What is SurfProtect®.


Flexible, cloud based content filtering solution which filters the content accessed on your internet connection by intercepting the web page requests as they leave your network.

SurfProtect® is state of the art, content filtering system, very simply, it allows you complete control over what you can view over the Internet and more importantly what you don’t want your children, staff or colleagues viewing.


SurfProtect® does not require any equipment or software in your network, office or home, to simplify things, it intercepts traffic entering and leaving your network (the Internet), meaning that you could be protected within a couple minutes of activation.


Even better, SurfProtect is provided free of charge with any network connectivity product from Grove Technology Solutions.


However, should you not be fortunate to use one of our internet connection packages, SurfProtect® is available as a filtering proxy service meaning whoever your provider is you can still use SurfProtect®, contact our sales team for current pricing.

Product Highlights

Accurate and flexible filtering, as well as the default filters, SurfProtect® allows per IP filtering policies, through an intuitive web interface, therefore allowing different people or departments to have different profiles for what they are allowed or not allowed to view.


Site Wide Licensing, SurfProtect® is licensed per site and not per user connection or pupil count, this means that there is no unexpected increases in licensing costs should your personal / pupil numbers expand. (Where purchased option for non Grove Technology Solutions internet connections)


Transparent Service, SurfProtect® does not require any equipment or software in your network, office or home, to simplify things, it intercepts traffic entering and leaving your network (the Internet), meaning that you could be protected within a couple minutes on activation.


Control Panel, SurfProtect® comes with a user friendly control panel, enabling you to add customised restrictions / checks to your internet connections, this also enables you to block and unblock sites based on individual requirements.


Flexible filtering policies, SurfProtect® comes with the ability to have flexible policies tailored to meet your school’s needs by implementing different filtering policies for staff & students, year groups, and even individual computers. With the ability to completely customise the websites accessible on your internet connection, you are able to build an e-safety solution that works for you.

The Prevent Duty


In July, the government placed a statutory duty on schools to help them keep children safe from the risk of radicalisation and extremism. This expectation made clear that every teacher must be aware of the risks posed by the online activity of extremist groups, and how social media is being used to encourage young people to travel to Syria and Iraq.


SurfProtect can be a particularly effective tool in helping schools to meet this new challenge. Here are a few ways how:


In order to block access to radical sites, SurfProtect’s default setting automatically enables the ‘Intolerance & Hate’ category – this prevents students viewing material online which has been identified as containing extremist content.


The categories ‘Proxy URL Rewriting’ and ‘Proxies/Translators’ are also enabled, and therefore blocked, by default as these sites could be used by students to bypass SurfProtect and visit extremist material.


As radical conversation and activity takes place on a variety of social media platforms – rather than designated websites – a school may also opt to restrict access to this category, and sites such as YouTube which have prolific comment sections that may be abused. SurfProtect’s flexibility ensures that it is possible for a school to still allow access to the web pages, videos, or channels within these blocked categories & websites which have an educational purpose.


We automatically include all terms identified by the DfE as being commonly used in ISIL dialogue and propaganda into the SurfProtect ‘Keyword’ list. This means that if a school has the ‘Keyword’ feature of SurfProtect activated, students will be unable to search for content including these terms. However, the customisable nature of SurfProtect ensures that each school has the ability to quickly and easily remove or add to these words, as is appropriate for their school’s filtering policy.


We continue to work tirelessly to ensure that peer to peer sites, such as Tor, are correctly categorised. This means that once a school has blocked this category, it is incredibly difficult for students to download these applications which are commonly used for sharing offensive and inflammatory content.


It is also possible for a school to block more wide-reaching and general categories, such as News, Politics and Religion, which will include a great deal of informative material but which may also include some, or reference to, extremist content. This is a more restrictive approach, and entirely dependent upon the preference of each school as to whether it is a suitable one to adopt.