Virus Protection and Antivirus Software

Complete protection and award winning security for your school, academy and business clients.

Antivirus and Malware Protection Solutions for Education and Business.

Complete protection and award winning security for your school, academy and business clients.

Grove Technology Solutions has partnered with ESET to provide leading edge protection against virus and malware infection.




ESET brings over 20 years experience in Antivirus solutions, continues to lead the industry in proactive threat detection with 100 million connected users and is the only company that has consistently received the highest ADVANCED AV-Comparatives’ award in proactive detection.

All of this brings the level of protection and backup which gives Grove Technology Solutions the peace of mind that it is the only solution it would recommend to its customers.

Endpoint Security


Protect your Endpoints without compromising on network or individual system speed and stability.


Defend your network with antivirus, antispyware and antispam protection. Protect against the known and unknown: small update packets keep ESET up to date with the latest threats and our advanced heuristics are proven to detect unknown threats in-the-wild. With our cloud-powered scanning technology and powerful antispam solution, you needn’t sacrifice time or energy keeping your systems secure.


Monitor your networks security status and enable customised notifications to inform you of designated events or critical thresholds being reached. Prevent overloading your network connections with load-balance execution of tasks. Improved update options allow you to choose how and when you update your ESET products. Conserve your schools or businesses internet bandwidth and block access to non-work websites with our Data Access Control module. Defend against breaches with our two-way firewall, with a full learning mode to intelligently block threats without producing false positives and slowing workflow.


The simplified remote management allows you to oversee security across your entire network from a single location using ESETs’ remote administration utility. Enlist a range of customisation and reporting features to tweak the system security as you need it.


Key Features

  • Remote Administrator included for free allows you to manage a handful or thousands of endpoints from a single system.

  • Reports, Logs and Notifications keep your admins in the loop.

  • Update Management perverse network speed and stability whilst updating and ensure a consistent level of security.

  • Data Access Control  protects against unauthorised USD, CD’s and other hardware devices that could carry threats.

  • Network Speed and Stability maintain a high level of speed and stability at all times with a low system footprint and small update packages.

  • Employee Effectiveness block unwanted or distracting websites, as well as pop-ups during presentations.

  • Endpoint Protection defends against viruses, Trojans, spam and any other digital threat you might encounter.

Windows File Security


Based on ESETs award-winning Endpoint Antivirus, ESET File Security offers the highest scanning speed, highest detection rate and comprehensive protection, all with the smallest system footprint around. ESET File Security protects against any and all computer threats including rootkits, worms, and viruses, as well as defending itself from attack.


ESET File Security has been specifically engineered with the needs of a Windows-based server in mind, in order to provide a continual level of security whilst maintaining a smooth and fast performance. ESET File Security installs quickly and includes an Advanced Setup Tree. ESET File Security is the best decision you can make for your company.

Whats New

ESET Shell (eShell) introduces a completely new command line interface tool. eShell allows you to automate the security management of ESET security products, easily and without hassle.


Version for “Core” Servers introduces a new lightweight version of ESET File Security optimised for mission-critical servers.

Advanced Setup Tree offers a redesigned advanced setup tree for more intuitive navigation.


Automatic Exclusions and detection of critical server files for smooth operation.

Key Features

  • Antivirus Protection against any and all computer based threats.

  • Frugal with Resources leaving your memory and CPU power available for essential tasks.

  • Self Defense protects ESET security solutions from being disabled or otherwise altered by third party programs or persons.

  • Unique Technology in the Threatsense scanning engine which provides superior protection and comprehensive scanning.

  • Regular Updates keep you well informed about your company security logs, protection status information and system notifications.

  • Comprehensive Reports now includes NETBSD 4, FreeBSD 6, 7 and 8, Linux Kernal 2.6, SUN Solaris 10.