grovetechASSET | IT Audit and Asset Management Services

Our IT inventory management software gives you a consolidated view of your IT estate.

At Grove Technology Solutions we how important it is to understand your IT assets and inventory; what you have, where it is and who is the responsible user / owner. This information becomes more critical for accountancy purposes, insurance policies and if you are looking at relocating or seeking to optimise on your investment investment.


Our auditing and asset management services provide you with a complete, accurate inventory to support your school or business.

How the audit is performed.


Our technicians will visit your school or business at an agreed date and time to ensure that there is minimal to no disruption to your working day.


We will label all IT equipment with a unique identifier label as part of the audit.


All equipment will then be recorded into our central support management system, which is then assigned to your individual customer record, this enables you to request reports on demand of all the assets which you own and their full information.

What sort of information is recorded.


Information collated can include, but is not limited to:


  • Device Type, i.e Desktop PC, Printer, Laptop, Switch, Server, Projector etc

  • Make and model

  • Location

  • Photographic records of equipment (Required for insurance purposes)

  • Asset Disposal, ability to record assets as disposed of for accountancy purposes

Manage your assets online, with ease.


To support your changing needs your asset inventory is stored in our central support management system, which has a client-friendly web-based inventory management system to assist you track and manage all your assets online.