The Meadows Primary school moves to a virtualised server environment.

The Meadows Primary school has updated its school server environment with a new Dell PowerEdge server and Microsoft Server 2016 installation.

The Meadows Primary has been a customer of Grove Technology for only three months. During this time we have supported the school in bringing their systems up to date and fit for purpose. The new server environment shows that our advice is trusted by the school and that we can deliver a wide range of new services to help and update the school in such a small amount of time.

The new server will host a number of Microsoft Hyper V virtual machines to deal with both the management and curriculum side of the school. A second server is setup to replicate the critical virtual machines, giving the school fault tolerance incase of any future problems. The school is also using grovetechOBM Cloud Backup to give them a full secure cloud backup of all critical data.


We believe this gives the school the best infrastructure to build on to deliver the right environment for all staff and students. With a second phase of building due to start soon for the school this is only the start of the journey for Grove Technology and The Meadows Primary school.