grovetechDRIVE | Secure & Reliable Cloud Based Storage

Access your files and folders, anywhere, anytime, securely and on any device.

grovetechDRIVE – UK Hosted Cloud Data Storage

grovetechDRIVE is an enterprise class data storage platform which is built on high reliability, performance and using secure cloud based technologies, this ensures that your documents are available when you need them from any location on any device at any time over broadband or mobile networks.


Document changes are updated and synchronised to uk based cloud servers ensuring everyone has access to the latest versions

grovetechDRIVE in Education


Whether in a classroom, at home completing assessments or working with a colleague on a lesson plan, being able to access, share and collaborate on your documents at any time from any location quickly and securely is vital.


grovetechDRIVE ensures that your documents are available to you when you need them.


Benefits and Features

Staff common in the cloud


Synchronise the shared common data to the cloud so it is available securely outside the school network.

Ease of use


Synchronised folders are available as standard desktop folders using Windows Explorer and OS X Finder, this enables users to drag and stop files between the cloud storage platform without the need for any additional client interaction.

Secure access anywhere


Access your files, folders and libraries on the go, from any device or location securely.

UK Based Cloud Server Infrastructure


No data leaves the UK!.

Remove the dependency on USB Memory sticks


All data is available in the cloud and readily available, as a result you can store all your academic data inside your own users home folder and synchronise this to your cloud account, this means that your data is available whenever you need it, additionally, the data is also backed up by your school infrastructure and backed up at the cloud. – Meaning your data is safe, secure and not at risk of being misplaced or corrupted.

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grovetechDRIVE in Business


Cloud based document storage is the simplest and most efficient way to share information with your teams, it can be used as a central resource to share all your technical and portfolio information, meaning you have the peace of mind that any changes or additions will automatically be available to all.


Potential uses for business users

HR and Marketing


Sharing all your HR processes, policies and marketing standards, ensures that everyone always has the correct and unto date information available

Sales and Marketing


Sharing all your product, portfolio and marketing standards to every user and device, ensuring everyone has all the information they need to fulfil their jobs to the max

Technical Teams


Publish any drivers, fixes, tools, patches and technical articles.

What does it all cost ?

  • Implementation Service & Support
    • £ 99.99 One-off
  • Data Storage from (25Gb)
    • £ 10.00 Monthly