Bespoke Learning Spaces and Office Furniture
Modern, stylish and fully functional learning spaces and working environments designed to your requirements.

Office furniture and Learning spaces that work as hard as you do.


Grove Technology Solutions is able to work with you to design the ideal environment to suit your needs


We believe that a classroom should be a place where students want to learn and that environment should be equipped to enable that to happen. With this in mind we have access to a wide range of furniture to enable this. Below is an overview of what is available.


  • Library Learning Places

  • Storage Solutions, a place for everything and everything in its place

  • Book worms, functional storage for all your books and library resources

  • Teacher walls, reduce classroom clutter with specialist teaching environments

  • Mobile ICT, trolleys, power hub tables and storage

  • Creative classrooms, supply of tables, chairs to maximise space in the classroom

Learning Resource Centres


Creating modern libraries and learning spaces


With the transition to a bigger demand on mobile devices, learning centres now have a greater demand on being multi functional, not only do they need to provide functional storage solutions but they also need to be equipped to handle mobile computing, having desk spaces designed for laptops / tablets, charging support and network connectivity.


We are able to supply a wide range of furniture to provide this functionality like


  • Book Worms, Storage designed to be modern with storage for  books, boxes and seating areas

  • Hub tables where devices can be plugged in and charges whilst they are used

  • Wedge seating which is colourful and stylish.

  • Modular storage

Mobile ICT Suites


ICT whenever yon need it


With the flexibility and performance of laptops, ICT suites can now double as conventional classrooms with the IT available and fully charged whenever you need it for a lesson. Our range of modular desks can be designed to suit different classroom layouts, with power hubs available to top up power whenever it is needed.

Mobile Device Trolleys


iPad Basket Trolleys


Simply the easiest way to move your iPads around, slot your iPADS into the integral baskets in groups of 4 for charging, syncing and storage (Charge only cases also available)


Available in 16 or 32 iPAD storage options

iPad Charge & Sync Trolleys


The iPAD trolleys provide charging, sync and storage for 16 or 32 devices, the trolley have handy handle cut-outs to help you steer and move the trolley

Laptop Charging Trolleys and Cupboards


Laptop trolleys and cupboards provides secure charging and storage for 15 or 30 laptops of screen sizes up to 15.6 inches. Laptops are stored horizontally with beautifully simple cable management. Power adapters sit in a separate hidden compartment with soft start power management.