Microsoft Licensing Solutions
Business and Education Volume Licensing

Microsoft EES (Enrolment for Education Subscriptions) and OVS Licensing.


Microsoft Volume Licensing programmes help school and business organisations with tasks such as:


  • Ensuring that you are correctly licensed to ensure legality requirements.

  • Deploying updates and new versions, especially on client computers.

  • Organising software license purchasing by purchasing centrally.


Microsoft Open programmes, are recommended for school or organisations between 5 and 250 full time employees (FTE). They provide volume discounts for a minimal up-front cost and are available broadly through a worldwide partner channel.


The Open Programs offer many benefits, including:


  • Simplicity . Start using licensed products as soon as your order is placed through the Open License pay-as-you-go model.

  • Affordability. All Open Value License programmes offer flexible payment options so that you can stretch your budgets further.

  • Flexibility. A broad worldwide partner channel makes sure you have convenient and fast access to thousands of software titles.

  • Value. Manage licenses easily and conveniently through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).

Open Value Subscription / Enrolment for Education Subscription (EES)


Similar to the Company (Organisation)-Wide option, with the Subscription option, you pay a single price per desktop PC to deploy Microsoft technology as the standard across your organisation.


This option gives your organisation the rights to run the software Company (Organisation)-Wide only during the term of the agreement with Microsoft. You also have the ability to add the single platform option to an Open Value Subscription agreement. Also like the Company wide option, Open Value Subscription offers flexible annual payments tied to the number of client computers you have but with the lowest up-front costs.


Open Value Subscription features include:


  • Additional savings in the first year if you have current or previous versions of company-wide licensed products.

  • The option to add the company-wide licensed products you have selected on new client computers throughout the year at no additional cost for that year.

  • Lower payment through the years as your client computer count declines.

How is pricing calculated


The pricing model is very simple for the OVS / EES licensing, to license each full time employee (FTE) you would use the model of


  • Desktop License – Windows 10 Professional

  • Office Suite Licence – Office 2016 Professional

  • Server Client Access Licence – Windows Server 2012 R2

(Current Editions)

Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller

Open Value (Business Licensing)


To increase flexibility and keep the low-entry standard, the Microsoft Open Value programmes provide multiple purchasing options, including Open Value (Company Wide or Open Value Non–company Wide) and Open Value Subscription.


Each subscription type is based on a three-year term commitment that includes Microsoft Software Assurance as a fixed benefit.


Company-wide Option


You receive the rights to the latest Microsoft licensed products with a single platform option. With the single platform option, you can customise your desktop PC as you choose components from an operating system, the Microsoft Office system, and CAL product pools, plus additional software products selected in your agreement that include the following platform product options.


Non–company-wide Option


The Non–company-wide option is available for any product license purchases. If you need licenses for servers or for a limited number of client computers, you can open a Non–company Wide agreement.