Outsourcing your IT Support

To outsource or not to outsource IT, that is the question many small businesses struggle with.


Many companies face the question at some point: Is it time to outsource your company’s information-technology needs? Or, a small business in expansion mode may be asking the opposite question: Is it time to hire an in-house IT expert?



Either way, the short answer is: It’s complicated. There are advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing and to hiring in-house.


The following article lists some of the Pro’s and Cons which should be considered.


The term “IT” itself can mean many different things to each business, some business owners might choose to not label their technology processes as IT, even though they would  fall into that category.


Information Technology can cover a wide array of business processes, from physical hardware device management, software requirements, intranet & internet websites to core infrastructure design and deployment, everyone, in their own environment has their own view on what the term IT actually encompasses.

Pro’s to outsourcing your IT

Experience & Expertise


Outsourcing IT means gaining a much wider range of expertise than you could potentially have in-house, an outsourced IT team of 5-10 will have a much greater depth of knowledge, giving you years of specialised experience in handling specific challenges.


Savings & Productivity


Outsourcing means cost savings: you won’t have to train and pay for your own full-time IT personnel (in what is a highly technical role). The scalability of outsourced IT also means you’ll only pay for services you use. Beyond costs, outsourcing also saves valuable time: with third party teams handling your IT, internal staff are free to focus on increasing sales and productivity.


Hardware & Software


Outsourcing IT means avoiding common hardware issues, like choosing and purchasing new hardware or finding suitable software platforms. Many small businesses struggle with having the knowledge and expertise to buy the right kit, fit for the purpose and job inhand. Your support company will help you with this key area.


Updates & Maintenance


Outsourcing IT means not having to worry about repairs, updates and maintenance – which will be automated or handled by your external team at reduced risk and time impact to your company.

Con’s to outsourcing your IT

Communication & Prioritisation


Since you won’t have an on-site ‘expert’ each business working day that you can turn to for advice, having poor communication with your outsource team could adversely affect the smooth-running of your IT infrastructure, if it is not managed correctly. Outsourced IT teams may not be able to address smaller IT queries immediately, but you can be sure that in the event of a disaster, your IT system will be prioritised to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


Unfamiliarity & Trust


Internal employees may not have the experience and expertise of an external IT team but will be much more familiar with your set-up, your teams and their requirements. This unfamiliarity extends to business relationships: your employees will have to learn to work with and trust your outsource team’s knowledge and judgement.


Choice & Control


Handing over elements of your IT system to an outside IT team can mean losing an element of personal choice in the tools which serve your business, as well as a lack of control over them once they are part of your businesses IT Infrastructure. However, Outsourcing gives you a better chance of finding out about new and exciting technologies which could improve your Network. Experienced outsourcers will regularly discuss emerging technologies and how they can benefit the client

How can Grove Technology Solutions help us to overcome these hurdles.


Grove Technology is a strategically-focused, outsourced IT support department for your company needs.


Solving IT problems and offering IT support is just the starting point for us. We are strategists and we invest time in understanding your business and what’s critical to it. This approach is the key to the strong relationships we have with our clients.


We think long-term and set up our clients to handle growth and changes in IT by finding ways in which outsourced IT support can streamline current operations and facilitate future ones. We create roadmaps and annual budgets and report against them. Above all, we align our interests with those of our clients by offering unlimited IT support services for a fixed price.


So if you are looking to save your business money, free up more of your time, improve productivity, and bring a diverse skillset to your organisation with unique problem-solving abilities then get in touch with me today and let us free you to grow your business.